Celeste Mountjoy

Artist and Author


The Art Of Oversharing

Do you lie awake at night thinking about when you told your co-workers that really personal piece of information you probably should’ve kept to yourself? Celeste Mountjoy has.
She also has a full-time job airing her dirty laundry to thousands of strangers on the internet through her art.
Celeste will explore vulnerability, something we fear yet seem to crave so deeply.
Is oversharing something that connects us, or just something that leaves us feeling over-exposed?

About Celeste

Celeste Mountjoy is a 22-year-old Melbourne-based artist. Celeste’s art explores anxiety, feminism, addiction, body image, relationships and societal expectations. With uncanny precision, it articulates the dark stuff we feel but dare not show and provides the perfect antidote to the cultivated ideals of Instagram. With an online audience of 800,000, Celeste has become a voice for a generation of women who are no longer prepared to smile politely at the outrages, uncertainties and absurdities of life on the path to adulthood. She has featured in the NYT, and on ABC and BBC.